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I Live My Life The Way I Wanna Live! ♥
March 24, 2014
@ 1:42 AM

Dedicated to the person who makes me smile,
without even having to make an effort..
Dedicate to the person who has steel balls,
to take up such a big responsibility to take care of me :)

Thanks for being there for me,
Thanks for lifting me up when no one else did,
Thanks for being so understanding,
Thanks for all the good times we had,
Thanks for being so true to me,
Thanks for making my life more meaningful,
Thanks for being an awesome person to be with,
Thanks for comforting me when i'm down,
Thanks for being my comfort pillar,
Thanks for investing so much of your time on me,
Thanks for being an ass hole to make me realize facts I was blinded from,
Thanks for living with my shyty temper,
Thanks for being so considerate towards decisions I make,
Thanks for helping me through thick and thin,
Thanks for being my everything,
Thanks for everything..

February 23, 2014
@ 7:51 PM

SO..  Aloha Readers! :D

Haven't been blogging for such a long period of time.
Suddenly realizing how busy i have been the past years.
So much time and effort put into some things or people that aren't important,
neglecting things and people that are relevant and important to me,
but maybe, that's just life.
Throughout these years, i would say..
definitely many lessons were learnt from this roller coaster like journey.

Why such a sudden thought u may ask.
Maybe it's maturity hitting in, having a bad dream,
or just the recent event that gave me a hard hit on my head.

I always try to tell myself and remind myself..
"You don't need many friends, but just few that you can call true friends."
True friends. Who are they?
Those that would be there for you when you need them,
those that would back you up no matter what happens,
those that lift you up when you need a helping hand,
those that genuinely care for you general well-being.
That is how I define "True Friends".

November 21, 2013
@ 1:31 PM

"Once upon a time". A phrase that brings back more than just memories of the past.

Staring at our conversation.. Having so much of words to say..
Trying to scroll down further, hoping you'll say more than just that..
But all i could type was 'K'.. Then ask myself, "How pathetic can you get?! Really?! 'K'?!"

Everyone deserves an explanation, but all my words were jumbled up, and 'K' was all the letter i could spit out. Would things be how i want it to be? Would my decision be correct? Now i question myself more than ever. What do i really want?

Understanding and trust would be vital components in any relationship. For it be between a guy and girl, friends, or family. It takes these two components to make something better out of it, something worth showing off to the world about.

Time, with time comes understanding and trust. Good habits, bad habits, everyday rituals, personalized timetable, hobby and whatever you can think of. It's just that little something we can give to one and another to make a world of a difference in ones life, make an impact or a change  in a persons life.

Looking back at my past, having to see who has been there for me, who has understood me better than ever, who has spent more than just time to evaluate and understand me, having to remember how it once felt, having to know what was right and what was wrong.. Many i would say, and i am very thankful and grateful for all!

There's just so little i can do nor say to make people feel better or fix things. But all i can say is, I'm Sorry. I hope that time and God would give me a little hint on how things would work out, give me a sneak peak on how i should handle. Once again, i feel lost.

November 18, 2012
@ 1:26 PM

" Happiness is always here, but covered by thoughts, desires and fears."

Sometimes, many choose to cover up their fears and worries with smile, just to show the world that their strong and more carefree. I guess I'm just one of them. Actually,  many say that keeping everything within us just shows that we're insecured and afraid.

I have been use to being like this. I have always been that girl who thinks grudges are meant to be for myself and that in the real world, no one gives a sh*t about it. We've just gotta learn to face this kinda stuff ourselves and "be a man" at times. It's not that I don't trust people or very self centered,  its just I have been growing up like that. I don't like people worrying for me, I rather I worry for others than people worry for me. This is how I am.

I put on the brightest smile even when im at my lowest :)

October 20, 2012
@ 9:38 PM

Hey fellow readers! :D
Well, i didn't bring my camera for the Graduation ceremony,
because i thought it would be like super troublesome and all.
Oh well... I was wrong. Didn't get to take many photos with my friends :'(
So i came home and cam-whored like for an hour.
Cause i loved my hair for that night. Teehehehehehehehe...... :)

First time wearing long dress. Comments? :)

Fabulous Mummy 

One and Only Mummy 
One and Only awesome Daddy 

My fantabulous Parents 
Proud to be their Daughter 

My old yet cute Grandma 

Love the look of my One-Sided hairdo 
Hmm...? :p 

Look down, and compare 
I look more decent above, right? :p 

Ridiculously having fun with the camera 
See that? It my tongue, say Hi! :D 
What can i say? 

This is like the ugliest photo i have 
Do i really have an angle for my photos?
People told me. Hmm? 

Duck face. You Don't Say? LOL 

Polaroid - BIMBOS 
Polaroid - MeYer, Tuck Riq & I 

Polaroid - My Parents 

Polaroid - Benny Boy 
Polaroid - Taufiq, Mr.Shy 

Polaroids taken for the night 


The BEST Polaroid taken the whole night 

Sweetest letter from Benny Boy 

Graduation gift from Steffi, the sweet one 

Thank You Steffi 

My Hairdo for the night 
I love the Hairdo 

The back view of the Hairdo 

After letting it down 

Smile, and be confident 

Life is challenging, never give up 
We all will grow old one day 

The amount of pins i had in my hair 

Don't be afraid to change 

The time in Sri Kuala Lumpur, has been wonderful.
A journey i wouldn't be able to forget for the rest of my life!